Monday, March 12, 2007

Losing our spiritual abilities and senses

"What can you see" says the man who cannot see. But the deaf man said nothing , for he was choosing to ignore the blind man. The mute man became angry at the deaf man, and signaled to him that he should say sorry. The blind man had no idea of what was going on, but was glad to hear the apology. The deaf man thought this whole thing was useless and voiced his opinion to the two others. The mute man thought of an easy way to get out of their predicament, but the blind man didn't see him signal any of the words and began to walk away. The deaf man had no idea the blind man was walking away, and became frustrated when he saw the mute man throw a stone at the blind man to get his attention. The blind man got fairly annoyed at the mute man for not being able to see the rock coming, he knew it wasn't the deaf man because he would have just called out. Finally the mute man sat down due to frustration by having become stumped for words to say.

I find this story holds many truths about life for us. We are sometimes one of these men, or all three. As we walk through life we may become blinded by pride, muted by shame or guilt, and deaf because of the distractions that fill our lives. The worst part is that we never were born like this, but we choose to become this way, were not blind, we just don't choose to look, Although to people around us, it seems we are blind. Working together, and with God requires that we are able to hear see and speak, other wise we will end up getting nowhere.