Tuesday, July 31, 2007


You know what I find most interesting thing about creation?  I think it has to be the idea of actually creating something.
When God created something, that's just it, he made something from scratch, without any reference point at all.  It's insane.  Humans are very limited when it comes to creating things.  First there is the limitation of creating matter, hardest of all to do and easiest to prove.  Next we have the creation of non matter, like an invention or an idea.  We are unable to do that as well.  Can you actually think of a new color without mixing others?  Can we come up with the wheel without first seeing the rock roll down the hill.  Can you invent something without borrowing ideas from other things.  No, it's simply impossible.  We as humans are not able to create anything at all, we can invent, we can build upon, we can form theory's by throwing facts and hypothesis together, but only God can create.  The human race's knowledge is based upon building on facts, which have been proven.  
Perhaps this might have all sounded crazy, but look into it yourself, can you actually create something without borrowing an idea from something else?
In light of that I think we owe God our humbleness.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

lonliness, despair, and humanity.

It is an interesting thing, to be left alone for a time, and too much time alone can kill a person.

I have been alone for a few days now, and it has been terrible for me.
I have nothing to do, all the things I found enjoyment in I now detest and find boring.
I don't know what to do with myself.  I am lonely.  I know I will get through this, but it is so hard to just be here and be alone.
Man is not meant to be alone, I can now feel this to the core of myself.  There is so much truth in this statement that it is scary.
Yet, when people are in this house, I find no trouble in not paying attention to them and doing my own thing.  I am not bored and I do not feel lonely.  Just knowing that someone is here in case I need them is a huge thing.  I wonder if it would be better for man to have an enemy instead of being bored, which would be worse?
I think that being completely alone would be worse, you would probably end up killing yourself, or becoming so enveloped and in twined within yourself that to meet someone would be terrible and you might become completely insane because of it.
Why does being around people keep up sane and help us to feel more complete, even if they don't talk to us much.  What is it?
I would venture to say that being in a community is the most important need a human has.  And if this is true then why?  Why can't we be true hermits, sure there are hermits, but even they have to be in contact with other people at times.
Yet I see this whole thing as a complete indication to the human soul.  Without a purpose we have nothing to stay alive, and it is these people who kill themselves.  Suicide normally is a reflection of despair, lack of purpose, and a lack of love (in their perspective).  Without purpose we are nothing.  Yet animals tend to not share this trait.  Yet more, being alone can be communicated by others to us, it is as easy as telling someone that they are not worth your time, separating them into a different class, maybe your the only one in that class...  Maybe your the only one who truly doesn't fit in, and maybe your being told to leave forever.  

To be separated, is death, and that may not mean death of a body, it is death of a soul, and then the body follows suit.  It is true that a mans body withers away when the person inside loses all motivation to live any more.
The homeless people that we see today have no purpose, and we wonder why they do not, it is because we do not see them, we walk by without even looking.

Young Will in grade seven committed suicide because people hated him, Mary did because no one wanted to even look into her eyes.  If only we looked at what our actions really could do to others before we made them.