Saturday, February 24, 2007

hundred years

Laying down to slumber
Will I rise again tomorrow

who can count the stars
who can feel the life inside
other then you, only you
let the mind rest, to sleep

To sleep, quiet, relaxation
the body receives it's rest

the mind battles to be awake
the body gives up in despair
I to rest I to rest forever, no
but my soul will not disagree

If it were only possible today
to sleep a hundred years now

could I, if only today resting it
my mind finding peace for now
and then falling, slipping, quietly
into a hundred years, at peace

taking a leave of absence, hundred
coming again to a different world

relearning how to live, to live life
absence taking a toll and addiction
wanting sleep again, no, needing it
it's powerful escapism, today, now

to sleep a hundred years this day
to never find a peaceful rest again

Saturday, February 17, 2007

blinding himself

Who am I that in Gods eyes
I am considered created good
Yet I see myself as who I am
God has blinded himself to me
How can He love yet not look
He would see me, rotting away

Would I blindfold myself and kiss
Could I blind and kiss death now
If I did could I love it, not know it
would kill me later on tonight now
That is what my savior did, if He
only know what he was doing then
perhaps he would have refused it
and not blindedly love our races
death itself would wed Christ now
how can He love death, I am it.

tree of death
tree of life
bound together
forever A cross

Would not God Amighty forbid it
Would not sinners mock it now
Our race, bound to die in death
To death we may stay, for in God
Hope to be lost now, He tricked
many who sought life, now to it
Death for them, God can't love
something he does not see
He does not see us for we
us for ourselves not evermore
God can not love a lie, now
God can't love a sinner now
Because all he sees is white
But I am black, wearing a white lie
God covered me with that lie.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Talk about God.

My friend a few days ago just reminded me of a fear that I've always had, what if heaven is a lie?
What if it's really a lie, and a set back, a let down, something we might find to be hell.
What if Hell is where the fun loving people go and heaven the place where good devoted people go.
Here's to you Matt. Lets hope it all works out in the end, and it's not an eternity of sing a longs.

On other matters, the mentioning of the over use and slaughter of the word love caused me to think (mentioned in comments on my last post). It was important enough to the Greeks to have five words for it. Should we not have ten or so? This is English right, we need ten, mostly because our language sucks a lot. We need more words, and these words need to mean stuff not just object things or act things....

Some people have pointed out to me that Christian blogs are retarded, the points were valid, very valid and I completely understand how they would be frustrated by our Christian chit chat, and blah blah about love, God, life, blah. I do sympathize with them, I really do. However in my defense, I wonder what is worth writing about. Surly science, perhaps pop culture, maybe architecture, or philosophy, is worth writing about.

What in life is actually important enough to write about.

just maybe
The reason why Christians are so talkative about God is that, he's all we need, he's our strength, our peace, our soul, our way of life, our ability, our silence, our deeds, our life, our energy, our breath, our everything. Our God. Our GOD, OUR GOD!

my God, your God. He's still the same person, that same guy up there reading this with us right now.

He's someplace we can all meet together, on a flat plane we can meet and communicate without any walls in the way. The one place we can really communicate. It aint no wonder all Christians do is talk about Him. He's the connection that all brothers and sisters have with each other.

People search for meaning, there He is.
People search for depth, there He is.
People search for understanding, there He is.
People search for life, there He is.
People search for hope, there He is.
People search for faith, there He is.
People search for LOVE,
People search for taste,
People search for thought,
People search for wonder,
People search for God, and there He is. Really! He’s RIGHT there.

This is what I say,

Who made Adam? God did
Who made Eve? God did
Who deserves our life? God does
Who created us? God did
Who deserves the right to throw us to the lions? God does
Who is Love? God is
Who is power? God is
Who makes the rain fall and the skies thunder? God does.
Who deserves to be talked about for-ever? God does.
Who is Grace? God is.

We don't deserve nothin, so people who want to talk about science, let them, people who want to talk about their days journey, let them. Let people talk about anything they want, especially if it matters to them. But I reserve the right to talk about God. And I will not sit down.

Saturday, February 3, 2007


Do you judge me
Do I judge you.

I'm traveling towards the sun
Beauty turned to destruction

Who sees me flying with everything I have
Who can stop me and my flight to chaos

Can I stop myself
Will I stop myself

I am a racist
we are all alone
stuck in our racism
looking for a way to get out
finding ourselves portraying lies
portraying our stereotypes genuinely
I am not willing to step out into the realness
I cannot find the will to break my own stereotype
How do we then stop the deluge of a racial stupidity

We were meant to be something good
we've turned ourselves into a monster

our own selves into machines that kill people
we destroy everyone in our path to conformity
then expectations of people to act differently
the expectations never fulfilling expectations

Life will never be the same
Life will always carry on now

Except the ones who kill themselves
Except the people who jump off of it
Except our friends who are murdered
Except our buddies who fall to them
Except the friends who are blotted out
Except the ones who are thrown away
Except our people who have to run away
Except our friends who live afraid now
Except for the people who are lost now

My society is such a poor place to be
My love for it lies in its empty promise
Of peace, love, joy, happiness, equality
Who am I to stay in such an awful place
How can I accept the things which happen
Without standing out and calling for justice
Who am I to sit and watch the streets flood
People coming from all around calling for blood
Where the people are treated like animals
Where I can not find safety for friends
neighborhoods split by nationality
disparity is the king of all now
we have but one law
do as I say

The streets may not be crawling with people looking for a fight because of their pain. But one day it will happen, and when it does it will be a sad day indeed. Peace to reign, well without God there is never peace. Canada is around 10% Christian, we need a miracle to turn this country back to God. Something bigger then we've ever seen before. Racism is only a start.
What comes next I don't even want to think about.

Remember to Pray for Canada.
And always keep Darfur in your prayers as well.
Remember to pray for sex trafficking.
and always keep armed conflict in your prayers.
Don't forget the poor living ten blocks away from us.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Time Over Frivolity

I was just watching The Office today, and in came Krista. It was good to see her, really good. It reminded me of a few things that I have been neglecting. Primarily her.
I was reminded of three things. The first being that I have been wanting to hang out with her, the second was that I had promised to hang out with her, and i have failed that promise, the third being that she really deserves to have attention anyways. The fourth of course feeling bad about not hanging out with her when I should be, cause she's so awesome.

So I am sorry, and we should hang out some time soon...

On a lighter note, I want to sit and ponder about the way life seems to direct us into focused alleys, where we miss out on all the life that is going on around us.

Wouldn't life be much better if we didn't focus so much on making money and decided to use that extra time to hang out, go on cheap trips, give your wife a night well deserved, love a man stricken into poverty by the worlds selfishness.
Would any of these be better, more fun, more exciting, more relevant, and more moral? Why do we as Americans and Canadians, decide to work hard to make money, so we can buy the nice tv so we can rest for a few hours before going to bed to work another 11 or 9 hours. Why not instead, live with a few people, work 8 hours, live a little more modestly so we can help Billy (who lives just outside our window) get up on his feet again.

A wise man, my age, once said, today, that we share when we have nothing, and we stop sharing when we don't need to. Once we become self supporting we want to stay that way. but wait, were not really self supporting at all when we think about it. We specialize in one or two things. the rest we have no clue about. The settlers, they were self supporting, and even then not so much...
We share a culture, a city, a house, a block, a cable connection, an apartment. We share pretty much everything in our lives, except our tv, or our car, or our sink. We hold onto those things and don't let anyone use them very much, we say you can't take this away from me, it's all I have... And in a way it's completely true. They are the only things that are ours. What if we shared those as well? What would actually happen if we shared everything, even our shoes? Well we would probably have ten times less the TV's, half the shoes, maybe a quarter the coffee machines... hmm maybe working 8 hours a day doesn't seem so crazy?
The fact that life is only important when based on people we care about is killing us. If life were based on getting the most money, then we would be doing great. but were killing ourselves, now, right now. Were letting life slip away by wasting our time on things that don;t matter. Advancing to the next level doesn't matter when our brother is dieing. Lets face it, crises brings us to realize what is really important in life.

As one other person once said.
"a life spent in making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent in doing nothing." - George Bernard Shaw.

When were making money, were not making right choices, were not even making mistakes. but were choosing to not choose, which is a choice. Were choosing to waste our lives away by not taking action.
Money is just one example. What we really need to do is check what type of things in our lives are sucking our time away because of frivolity. What is stealing our life time away?