Monday, April 21, 2008

Stubborn to Move

In the arms of my lover I rest.
Safe and secure I rest today
I have found significance.

My mind wrapped up in you.
Yet you find it better to love
and not think about those things.

Though I sit here wishing to know
why you love me the way that you do.
Sit down and help me understand.

Beckon me, beckon me to sit with you
to be with you and know you
to love you and follow you.

But here I still sit
waiting for you to sit down
and explain to me why you love.

Like the Israelites I sit and wait,
like Icarus I fly to high,
missing the point of life.

Right in front of my eyes.

The Spirit

O how we chant
how we follow the law
to every letter, syllable.

We are the collective
a depressed collective
a legalistic collective.

We do not think
we thought
we blend.

But the joy of the Lord

We are not afraid
we sing and we shout
we are humble but bold
we are not deadly similar
we are an exciting community
we are shouts of joy and songs or praise
we are a fire, bright, alive, and contagious.


to be read quickly, aloud with intensity.

Come away
with me, lets go
adventure awaits
God is coming
to journey with us
to be filled with joy
and answer His call.

Take care
take care to hear
don't miss it
don't sleep through it
wake, wake up
He is here, now
come, come away.

Enter the gates
into His citadel
lets go now, today
fly and leap together
into His presence.
Away from this mirth
through the gates
into His embrace.

We are going now
up to His house
do not stay
do not stray
He is coming
and we are going
let us fly away.

Come now, go now
away to that place
don't forget where
you are going
and where you came.
Go now to His place
now to His presence.

Don't look, not away
keep your focus
keep your fervor
follow in trust
look on in earnest
never forget where
you go, and came from
go now, follow now.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sleeping Rain Drops

The thoughts in my head
slowly, fading away into the night.
My desires are becoming foggy.
My eyes are closing.

A slow musical piece
dripping in the background.
A slow pitter patter
on the window.
It is calling me to bed
waiting patiently for me to surrender
to it's deep soothingly mysterious calls.
To bed, to sleep, to bed, to sleep, bed, sleep.

The lights are dimly glowing
street lights casting through the shades.
Sitting with your friends
deep into the night
making quiet conversations
love and fantasy intertwine to transcending tales.

The rain is starting to fall now
it begins with a drip and a tap
on the window it makes those sounds.
Quiet at first, but turning into a droll
until so quietly absorbed
the conversation fails into a contented silence.

The thoughts are there
the words are lost
to those drips and drops that coax
the soul to quietness.
Thoughts of trust, love, beauty and hope
the silent words persist in their minds
till sleep takes them.