Wednesday, November 29, 2006

pertaining to the previous

There seems to be one problem with this view. If everything is fake reality, nothing exists and we can rationalize everything we want, then:
If everything is fake, what’s the purpose to life in this very real yet fake looking universe?
If nothing exists but us, what is the point of it other then a test of some kind?
If we can rationalize everything we want to, why do we even bother rationalizing it, and what makes us feel as if we need to?

I propose that everything we see must be real, and if it is not real, it doesn't matter because were not going to escape it's bonds over us. If your an atheist then you must view this world as being very real, if you are merely a philosopher then you must also view this world as real. otherwise it can only be some mean game by a god somewhere who loves toying with our minds into this reality. But seeing that toying with our minds would get very boring after a while, I do not think that is very much of a good answer either. It would be like playing the same level on the same video game over and over. Even small unintelligent humans get bored of that after a few hours... how about a mind that can think of all this and then have the power to put it into action, no I don't think so...
If your religious then you probably also agree that the world is very real.
Great were all on the same page, the bonds over the universe are to great to battle with even if they were fake, so were not getting out of it. Might just as well figure out what it all means then?
What is our purpose here, where do we come from, what made us-if not a big boom from some unknown speck of dust. where did the big bang come from, was it always here? where did the thing which created the big bang come from if the speck of dust wasn't always here? Everything has a beginning and maybe an end, not sure about that, but at least a beginning...
An interesting thing is this, the speck of dust had a beginning, if it wasn't created by a god of some kind, then it has always been here. The turtle theory of a North American First Nations tribe is a very interesting story. It begins with two men, one from Europe and one originally from NA, the north American was explaining how the world sits in the stars and does not fall down. The First Nations person explained that the world sat on the back of a turtle, so the European asked what the turtle stood on, the NA replied that it stood on the back of a larger turtle. Then the European asked what the second turtle stood on, The North American replied that it also stood on the back of an even bigger turtle. The European again asked where that turtle came from and the NA responded by saying, "don't you get it, it's turtles all the way down". These three views all have something in common. They all encompass eternity. One the eternal existence so a speck of highly compounded energy, another the existence of a god who made that speck, and finally the existence of a stack of turtles that carries down forever.
No matter where we come from or what were saying all of our stories of origins of life or matter share eternity in them, something Ironically that we can't comprehend.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Interconnected islands upon a sea of fake reality.

There is something we all need to remember, we are islands, yet were a great mass of interconnected pieces. We all have our Niche, we all have to connect with others for support, encouragement and emotional stability. Yet on the other hand we all experience different things, even when were standing next to each other. I think therefore I am is a famous way of a realization of your own existence, but there is no way we can possibly prove the existence of other people. It all stands on what we call real and unreal. What we believe is real and unreal. Really, it's all belief anyways, sure there seems to be overwhelming proof, but it's just proof. This is the same as holding a stick, and seeing a picture of a stick. it seems to be there for sure and there is ample proof in the photo, but really, it could have been photo shop, or any number of other things. So what do we do with this? We need reality, we can not function without the idea that things truly exist and that these things affect us. But at the same time, we are alone in this world, this vast domain of possibilities, be it real or fake. This is the same argument we can use for religion or atheism, both arguments can't be proven for sure, and neither can be disproved. Just as we see evolution, is it real or is it a bunch of charts and interpretations of graphs? What we make of anything can tell us anything. We can rationalize anything into fact or disprove anything with foggy positions. What we know, do we really know it? When asked how we know the earth is round, how do we respond? Oh it's round because I can go that way and eventually get right back here. Well the second man may ask, have you ever tried. We say no, of course we haven’t. Then how do You know for sure? asked the second man. Knowledge that we know, isn't really true unless we can prove it, sure scientists say it's round, but do we just trust them and carry on with our lives? Having a real knowledge is very important to what we can trust. Again, what we know, do we really know it? We make our own destiny mainly by what we believe in and how we react to it. How loyal we are to our own positions. Seeing that we are alone, with a destiny in front of us, what do we do with it all, what's it's purpose? Why are we really here, and who do we actually communicate with when it's all over and done with? Do we simply fade away into nothing? Is that even possible? You tell me.

O poor number 1

I was just reminded by one of my friends that number 1 really should never be alone. Sure there are times when we need to get away, but when were away, are we really alone? Who really knows, can you feel it, do you feel it. Perhaps a presence of maybe some kind of feeling. But I would purpose that we truly are not alone. The reasons for this are of course the complexities of nature, maybe the colors of the sky. It has to be something that is there but not there at the same time. So now number one is really alone. Either it's together or alone, but horribly alone.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

number 1

When I think of one I often think of something alone or possibly in an attitude of indifference. Either it's saying help, or stay away. I normally don't like that number. There doesn't seem to be any hope for this number. I find myself thinking that a lot of people are like number 1, by themselves and either calling out for people or running away from them. On the other hand it isn't always a bad thing I know we need to get away from it all, we need to be alone sometimes, and the only way to do so is to go. To really leave, and find a place that suites you and just to think. Thats why I'm writing this, I wanna provide a place for anyone to come, read write their own ideas and to get away to think and feel quietness. Hopefully, I can provide something to think about, and maybe I can acctually provide something, hopefully. Who knows,