Saturday, April 7, 2007

Pain: The gift nobody wants.

"If I held in my hands the power to eliminate physical pain from the world, I would not exercise it. My work with pain-deprived patients has proved to me that pain protects us from destroying ourselves. Yet I also know that pain can destroy, as any visit to a chronic pain center will show".

"Having spent my life among people who destroy themselves for a lack of pain, I treasure these signals. Pain signals in stage one report in loudly and insistently so that their message will seize consciousness and bring about a change in behaviour. To silence the signals before changing behaviour is to invite the risk of far greater damage: the body will feel better while getting worse".

Having read this book I mostly agree with this, that pain in it's largeness is normally a good thing. Sure there are exceptions, like terminal patients who experience pain only as a reminder of their coming death. But if we did not feel pain, we would essentially be lepers. Wouldn't that be exciting. For now all I can do is suggest that you read the book, it is rewarding and thought provoking. Thank God for pain.

To God

In the depths of my soul
searching in for purpose
something I can rely on
something I find fulfilling

passions stirring in my heart
this filled cup's spilling over
my souls caught in eternity
beauty beyond understanding

Caught in your gaze I am
this love has no direction
no boundaries my eyes see
air's true, now there is no air

The only sky can be your face
shining these truest colors
delighting onto my cheeks
love founded to be true anew

do not leave me falling to dark
blackness shall fill my spirit
craving with no deliverance
the only sky can be your face

Friday, April 6, 2007

a time for hate.

You know what I hate?
I hate how sin gets into us and changes us.
I hate how sin is just a tweak, and that it's destructive.
I hate that sin is a tweak, and so it doesn't seem bad.
Yet it's taking us away from beauty that we should have,
a beauty that really gives us amazing rewards,
things better then a simple poor excuse for a
rewarding experience.


Think. Think contemplatively.
Where would you right now, find the most serenity?
What do you see right now in your mind, where are you traveling right now?
It's an interesting word.

Let me paint you a picture, I am sitting beside and beneath a waterfall. The sun is shinning, and it's a warmly hot day, perfect for the mist to come down and gently caress my face, almost as if someone is comforting you softly. But wait, no, it's us we are both sitting there, the sun poking holes in the shade, their dance ordained by the winds soft currents. There are butterflies, baby blue, yellow, cherry purple, and monarchs. They don't speak to us, but it's almost as if they are easing us to lie down, lie close and watch the trees sway while being calmed by the gentle thunder of the waterfall up ahead. The moss soft, mountains stretching far, clear blue skies, and rich soil. Time for a sleep, time for a nap, just ease those eyes shut, don't close them fast or you'll wreck the moment, our sentences trailing off into enjoyed silence. We are at peace, life is perfect for these moments, God seems to have come down, life stills, the water has slowed down to a crawl, and then stops. We have fallen asleep, peaceful sleep. Where we can relax and dream about the perfect moments in our lives (if you want you can take that moment now), just like the one that just passed.
Dream if you want for a minute.

What a wonderful world we live in, what an absolutely wonderful world, where we can all get along and live, where we can see beauty if we choose to.

The most beautiful thing I have ever seen, most people think is ugly. The most beautiful thing I have heard of is grotesque, the most wonderful thing I could thank for is appalling.
Yet we live in a world of beauty. The second,

You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
I saw your face in a crowded place,
And I don't know what to do,

But I do know what to do, I can go after you, and love you, and Cherish you as a person whom God created, who God made in an image like himself, a being who is unique, special and divine, even with all your shortfalls, you have one thing on me, your you. I may not be able to live with you, or have a family with you, but your you and we could be deep, deeper then spouses. You would be as a brother or sister to me, and our relationship pure, pure as gold.
We live in a beautiful world.
It just needs a little light, a little light so people can see it clearly. Perhaps this world is so beautiful that we might, as people, aspire to be beautiful too.