Sunday, March 23, 2008

The power of words

The power of words.

He who controls the past controls the present.

In the middle east there is a museum that disproves the holocaust.

People say and write that Christ didn't die on the cross, nor did He rise from the dead.

If I can control the past, then I can say and prove anything I wish, I can say the Jews were never in the middle east, I can say Hitler was a reformer who was right in his thinking because I want him to be right.

The book 1984 is a perfect example of this. Those who haven't read it probably should.

In this day and age comic books are becoming literature, why, because it is written down... In our politically correct new age thinking, what I have written is literature. If it is literature I can then quote it in a thesis statement and use it to no end to prove anything I wish. Of course this is ridiculing our post modern age, but there are serious flaws in it. The problem is that I can quote and use anything said by anyone to prove anything. I write a book about Christ and how he lived in a place and married a person, millions read it, and people believe it. Problems with this is that the book I wrote was completely fictional, and if the doubting people actually took the time to research all the facts used in it they would come to realize that the book is seriously flawed, mainly with its proofs. The reality is that the book being fictional was sold as fact and scientific, and the people selling it knew that it was fictional, but they aren't interested in being correct, they were interested in making a mess in the Christian world, and they were allowed to because of this stupid politically correct world of ours.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Giving Up On Love

Lately I have been thinking about love and how it seems I'm not getting any. Not to say I am not, but as Erwin McManus says "When you give up on love, everything else seems to go with it, joy, hope, forgiveness, compassion, they're all interconnected". Over the last few days it seemed like I gave up on love myself. I would look into my heart and see absolutely nothing, blank.
A dark and empty void.

Today I wrote this in my journal.

I say I love, but my heart is
a devious thing, it plans evil
and works toward getting its
own ends. Alone it would
kill itself, but people do
surround it and it sets
itself upon them
working to kill
all who do
not go

To end it now, would cause God less pain, and by doing that would I, could I, be accepted into His Kingdom? No of course not, it is pure foolishness to think this way because we don't understand the huge limitless love that God has for us, I wonder how much pain he feels when we believe that He does not love us because we hurt Him so much. "It may be hard to accept, but you are the object of God's love"E M.

Amazing to think of all the pain we cause God, yet He still loves us. Is it not a strange mystery, to hate God, who loves you dearly, who died for us, and who carries on into eternity with those who would love Him and follow Him. To the place He has created for us. Strange is it not?

Yet here I sit, following Him
to that strange land.

Whom have I but you?

Whom have I but you?

Whom have I but you?

Though the mountains fall,
they fall into the sea.

Whom have I but you?